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(Columbus, 26 maggio 1932 - Santa Rosa, 17 ottobre 2015)

Profe​ssoressa della "California State University"

Some men sought to avoid loneliness by migrating with their wives, but while this may have made them happier, it often left their wives desolate. Most married women left home with less enthusiasm thatn their husbands, Barbara DiNucci Hendrickson said of her grandmother, Virginia Reverberi, who emigrated in 1915, ​«She had never wanted to leave her home and relatives... She said that she had no choice, that a woman had to go where her husband went. Somehow, I picked up some kind of myth from my mother about how both my grandparents wanted a better life for themselves and their children, so decided to emigrate to the New World. Now I understand that it was my grandfather who had that dream, not my grandmother».

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Scritti di Barbara Di Nucci:

  • B. Di Nucci, Memoirs of a Father's Daughter, voll. I-VII, Santa Rosa 2004.

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