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di David Atherton

After the battle we were in Trieste and we moved out of the centre of the square; it was a three sided square because the sea was on the other side and we moved up because of the political situation. The Yugoslavs couldn't take Trieste but they by passed it and we met them at a place called Monfalcone. They were all marchin', no vehicles.

There were women as well with bandoleers. I'd no idea who they were but they weren't shooting at us but they were salutin' us with their fists so we did the same back! The political situation became so bad that they moved us out of the square. We were in this building here (indicanting) and the Yugoslavs were in there and we were pointing .5 Brwnings at one another.

The very first night that we were in the line (we were in the badly ruined village of Capracotta) they asked for volunteers to do a listening post about 500 yards in front of our positions and of course three Scotsmen volunteered! Well actually, the Germans come through that night, passed us, cut the telephone wires and we never knew a thing. That was our first experience of action..

  • D. Atherton, We're Far Fae Hame Now! Aberdeen and the North East's Experience of Military Service Abroad the Great War to the Gulf, Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeen 1998, p. 133.

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